Free drama in Beijing helps workers avoid financassorted colored wristbandsial fraud

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A modern drama sponsored by the China Social Welfare Foundation and HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited was welcomed May 28 by an audience of 500 in Beijing, and the event was one in a series of financial literacy activities.

The theme of the drama,?Utopian Coffee Shop, was to show how common people realize their dreams through hard work in the capital. It also taught the audience to prevent financial fraud through stories happening in a café, which was the major setting for the drama.

Zhang Jingwei, a construction worker in Beijing’s Tongzhou district who was in the audience, said the drama served as great encouragement for him.

“I have learned about some financial traps through the show. It’s not easy for us laborers to make money. Thus, we need to stay cautious to keep our savings safe,”he said.

The show is free for everyone to attend, according to the organizers.

They will continue to host these public-interest activities -- including dramas, speeches and other cultural events -- to help prevent construction workers from being victims of financial fraud. More shows are scheduled for Tianjin, Chongqing, Fujian and Yunnan as well as countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, such as Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam.

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